Application Assessment

Assisting in the decision making process around how, what, when and where regarding building or adopting a new technology or application.
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Big Data Application Assessment

Explosion of data in volume and variety has caused industries to reshape their business models as the opportunities it brings are too vast to simply overlook. Large volumes of data have no real value without the unified approach. Today organizations seek out ways to structure their data and ultimately build advanced analytic platforms to navigate big data for insightful analysis.

Complex big data programs require substantial initial investments, which is why investors and shareholders expect to see great results in return. There are several factors you have to consider before embarking on a data journey. Do you have data application in place or are you still looking for the right one? Do you have strategy for supporting it and evaluating its performance? Does it deliver the expected results and promised ROI?

Achieve Full Potential Of Big Data With Tricension Application Assessment Services

Occasionally an organization needs an independent assessment of a business system due to performance, stability, or business risk. Application Assessment involves an extensive evaluation of the overall Application Architecture that includes: quality, best practices utilization, risk consideration, and recommendations for remediation.

Other considerations that are evaluated as part of an Application Assessment are:

Technical Factors


Business Value


Cost Impacts


Staff and Skill Issues


Vendor Considerations


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