Application Assessment

The Application Assessment Services by Tricension bring the true application architecture knowledge, insights, structural assessment to deliver the application modernization strategy that supports business, vision, strategies, and goals.

Tricension helps to develop an application modernization strategy and well architected core systems. The decision to modernize business systems architecture is not solely based on technical issues, but rather takes into consideration many aspects of your organization’s business strategy and processes. Tricension offers enterprise class, in-depth, fact-based and best practices observations and recommendations to deliver both business and technical intelligence.

Application Assessment: Business and IT Intelligence

Application Assessment delivers critical insights and evaluation into your current IT application(s) portfolio, how it aligns with both your current business strategies, processes and goals. Recommendations of an Application Assessment helps organizations prioritize initiatives, build future development standards, understand systems dependencies and mitigate business risks.

IT leaders are charged with Implementing an IT Strategy that supports your business vision helps you avoid any issues that impact performance, quality, security and costs. An application assessment provides insights into the current state with recommendations for  establishing the best roadmap for remediation and improvement.

Tricension’s 5 Pillars of Enterprise Systems Abilities

  1. Security – Data Encryption / Database security
  2. Scalability – Data limitations / Usage limitations / Deployment limitations
  3. Integration capabilities – Integration dependencies /  current + planned offerings
  4. Extensibility – Deployment / Extending the data model / Customization of functions
  5. Central Framework – Database / Data Storage / Data access / Business logic / Modularity / User Interface


Many organizations have legacy application that have served as core business systems for years.  Technology Leaders are faced with decisions to modernize the core business system, possibly savage proprietary intellectual property, or maybe lift and shift the workload from local data centers to AWS or Azure. The benefit of Application Assessment(s) is to factually determine the abilities of the legacy application and develop a strategy for supporting core business system functions in the future.

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