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AWS IaaS Benefits

In order to shift their budgets away from buying complex IT systems towards investments capable to bring more value, many enterprises are now considering the opportunity to start their cloud adoption journey. These days, IaaS enjoys a significant growth and it outpaces the other popular cloud models: PaaS and SaaS.

AWS IaaS is designed to allow companies to use the same building blocks that they are already using. There are no abstracted or hidden layers. You provision your servers, storage and networking in much the same manner. Simply put, you are in total control over your infrastructure. But, with IaaS, there are several other important benefits:

  • Resilience. Amazon’s IaaS servers are hosted in many different locations worldwide. Thus, you can easily spread your infrastructure to achieve the highest level of resilience.
  • Quick provisioning. Amazon provides several useful provisioning templates that will save admins significant amount of time and ensure a quality, consistent configuration every time.
  • Increased security. As a result of the highest level of automation and significant security investments, AWS IaaS is now more secure than traditional systems. Also, Amazon’s staff is already trained and ready to step in, if needed.
  • Flexible storage. AWS offers access to both block and object storage that can scale as much as you need to. Furthermore, storage can be tiered based on IOPS.

While considering these advantages, let’s see why Trincension is best equipped to help you reap the benefits of AWS IaaS.

Tricension AWS IaaS Services

Tricension’s AWS IaaS services, delivered by our team of business and technical experts, will provide you the best method to start your cloud journey towards AWS IaaS. We will carefully assess your existing IT infrastructure and, based on our expertise, will advise you on the best migration method for each application:

  • Lift-and-shift. With this approach, the workloads are moved to the cloud with as little change as possible. Also, the management tools are migrated with few modifications. This approach brings best results when an application needs to be quickly replicated to the cloud through multiple instances, but re-architecting is time-consuming and costly.
  • Virtual automation. It is the most common approach, used by companies who are looking to start their cloud journey but don’t have the necessary resources to re-architect their entire IT environment. We will work with you to identify your processes and adjust them, in order to gain a greater level of automation and standardization. We will ensure that the target system is cost-efficient, secure and resilient.
  • Re-architect. This approach, also known as DevOps cloud transformation, will make sure that a cloud-native approach is used throughout the entire cloud migration journey. We will use only DevOps oriented tools and processes, with an emphasis on IaC (“Infrastructure as Code”) and automation. Our experts will work closely with you to make sure that the transformation process is adding agility across your entire organization, not just IT.

Tricension experts, with their proven track record of successful AWS IaaS implementations, will support you to seamlessly migrate your applications to the cloud. Thus, you will be able to stop focusing on technology decisions and use all the resources to grow your business.

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