Azure DevOps Services

As cloud computing gains more and more traction, many companies that until recently were reluctant to embrace this new technology are now starting digital transformation projects with the aim of moving their existing applications to the cloud.

However, many companies start Azure cloud migration projects in the same manner that they approach any another IT endeavor: simply install the new hardware and software. Unfortunately, this approach is not best-suited for cloud migration projects and it can lead to costly missteps due to the following three key reasons:

  • Lack of adequate cloud-specific knowledge inside the company
  • Best practices for Azure architecture are not used
  • Monitoring and cost control are not adopted from the very beginning

Tricension’s extensive knowledge and expertise allows you to fully enjoy the wide range of benefits that Microsoft’s Azure cloud has to offer (improved speed, agility, scalability, security, and economics). Our professional services offering is designed to help you seamlessly migrate your applications to Azure Cloud and with the proper monitoring in place.  After deployment, we work with you to continually optimize your cloud solution for continued efficiency and performance.

Azure DevOps Services

Tricension’s battle-tested approach, built on top of the best DevOps practices, focuses on 5 key components that are designed to help your company gain agility and efficiency while maximizing the value delivered to your business and customers.

  • Planning. We will work closely with your IT team to discover and document your applications, along with their interdependencies. Based on this information, we will  devise a target architecture and migration roadmap.
  • Proof of Concept. Building a Proof of Concept, as per DevOps best practices, brings to the table two important advantages. First, it will help us identify and fix any potential problems early in the migration phase. Second, it will allow the key stakeholders of the project to gain more support from various other stakeholders in the company, by showcasing the tangible benefits of the project.
  • Governance. Because operating in the cloud changes your resource consumption model, we will use our experience to help you establish a clear governance framework that enable proper security and oversight to ensure compliance.
  • Execution.  The in-depth knowledge and extensive experience of our enterprise architects will allow us to execute on your Azure cloud migration in a manner that will minimize disruptions and maintain operational integrity.
  • Support. We know that seamlessly moving your application to the cloud using DevOps best practices is just part of the journey. Once the migration is finished, we will work with you to ensure proper monitoring of your systems is established.  We will work with you to ensure that your cloud solution is optimized for efficiency and performance.

Application Optimization

With your applications successfully migrated to Azure cloud we will continue to support you with our extensive knowledge. One of the aspects that many companies struggle with is the ability to react quickly to market changes. To help you solve this issue, we will work with you to integrate DevOps’ core principles and Azure’s best tools into your organizational culture.

  • Continuous Integration. It will provide the means to improve your software development key metrics: quality and speed. With Azure, you are free to use Visual Studio Team Services or Jenkins to build your cloud-enabled applications and deploy them in minutes. These tools also provide powerful automated testing that can be used to identify bugs faster.
  • Continuous Delivery. Your code and underlying infrastructure are always ready to be deployed to production. We will help you take full advantage of the IaC (Infrastructure as Code) feature that is deeply embedded in Microsoft Azure in order to get identical deployments for any environment.

Tricension: Your Best Partner for the Azure Cloud Journey

Our dedicated professional services consulting teams know how to combine Microsoft Azure with powerful principles and tools of DevOps. Hence, we will make it easier for you to successfully drive your digital transformation journey. This journey, once completed, will allow you to fully enjoy the advantages of cloud computing. Tricension will work with you to increase the reliability, agility, and performance of your applications and at the same time, we will make sure that your systems meet all your compliance and security requirements.

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