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Migrate your applications and infrastructure to Microsoft Azure with Tricension’s premier Azure migration services for scalable, on-demand applications and business modernization. Tricension enables smooth transition to Azure through intelligent actions in resource migration, capacity estimation, recovery and fault tolerance for a secure enterprise transformation.

The cloud solution is the default option today for most enterprises as it offers low operational costs and guaranteed uptime. Cloud offers innovative solutions for enterprises that can improve their legacy systems, applications while providing backup storage, disaster recovery, data security. For most businesses, the idea of keeping up with the fast-paced tech industry is simply untenable, yet there has never been a time when tech and innovative business solutions were as important in the business process as they are today. To strike a balance, businesses have turned to Microsoft Azure. Microsoft Azure offers innovative solutions through integration of your legacy systems and applications with the cloud.

What Is Microsoft Azure?

Azure is a flexible platform offered by Microsoft where organizations access the necessary building blocks to rapidly build, deploy and manage business solutions in the cloud. Microsoft Azure has an array of usage-based services to help businesses build, deploy and manage applications as well as the computing resources. Azure is a self-service fully automated platform that provisions scalable resources in the cloud, as your business needs change.

By migrating to Microsoft Azure, your business can:

  • Maintain a competitive edge
  • Lower operating costs substantially by paying for what you use
  • Attain the ability to scale globally in an instant
  • Gain enterprise-level security
  • Free up some business resources by eliminating a huge chunk of hardware related costs

What Is Microsoft Azure Migration

Migration process of business applications to Microsoft Azure can be carried out in two ways:

Microsoft Azure Applications Rewriting

This process is designed for complex applications that need to be re-designed and re-developed to make the most out of what Microsoft Azure cloud environment has to offer.

Microsoft Azure Applications Re-hosting

This process is designed for less complex applications that can run as standalone modules on a virtual environment. They require little adapting efforts and hosting realignments to work effectively in the cloud.

Microsoft Azure as a cloud platform offers both platform-as-a-service (PaaS) and infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS), giving businesses a chance to multiply their productivity many times over. Tricension has years of hands-on experience helping businesses with Microsoft Azure migration.

Unmatched Microsoft Azure Migration Services By Tricension

Our Azure consultants, engineers and experts have the necessary experience and expertise to guide you through the process of moving to Microsoft Azure, making it smooth and seamless. Our migration blueprints and proven methodologies guarantee successful move to the Microsoft Azure platform.

Talk to us and let our team of cloud consultants guide you through each step your business needs to take for a successful Microsoft Azure migration. We will assess your IT environment, determine your business enterprise readiness for Azure and create a roadmap towards a seamless transition.

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