Business Process Automation Services that will Revolutionize your Business Operations

Automate repetitive yet business-critical tasks for greater consistency, reduced errors, improved operational efficiency while lowering your costs.

What is Business Process Automation (BPA)?

Within most businesses there are multiple workflows requiring repetitive tasks that need to be completed manually, across multiple streams. And while they are critical to your business, they often require dedicated resources that can slow down your operations. For that reason, Business Process Automation (BPA) uses cloud-based and cross-platform technology to implement rules-based intelligence to automate these tasks for you, freeing up resources for more business critical tasks while reducing costs in the process.

In short, BPA is an ideal solution for any process across your organization that:

  • Needs to be repeated consistently
  • Requires an exacting degree of quality 
  • Consumes an inordinate amount of resources and time to accomplish

How does Business Automation Help Your Business?

The ultimate goal is to replace these repetitive processes with intelligent automation that not only speeds up operations and reduces errors, but also allows you to save money by streamlining your staffing levels while lowering your costs from errors and omissions.

With customized business process automation solutions from Tricension, you’ll be able to quickly and easily automate your repetitive but critical tasks, which will help your organization:

  • Become more productive
  • Boost your efficiency 
  • Reduce errors and omissions
  • Improve staff morale and employee engagement
  • Generate and track consistent audit and reporting data
  • Lower your operational costs

Examples of Business Operations Ideal for Tricension Intelligent Process Automation

As a world leader in providing customized technology applications for business, Tricension can develop and integrate a business process workflow automation solution unique for your own needs. The options are virtually limitless, and they can have an enormously positive impact on a variety of your business operations, such as:

Billing & Invoicing

Whether you have recurring customer billings or are establishing new clients, your billings department can benefit from automating your billing workflows. From auditing and reporting on overdue payments to processing new orders, business process automation can improve your invoicing efficiency by orders of magnitude


Most industries are required to comply with specialized regulations. Thanks to business process automation, you’ll be able to not only ensure that your transactions conform with regulations -- you’ll be able to generate audits and reporting that assures your complete compliance with any regulatory body.


Thanks to our customized process automation technology solutions, you’ll be able to manage vendors and place procurement orders with ease. Create volume inventory and purchase orders, handle payments, request and apply discounts, and manage deliveries to ensure that you are maximizing your supplier relationships while reigning in costs.

Order Processing

Do you have an eCommerce website? Creating listings, managing your inventory, applying and managing discounts, overseeing payments, and handling shipping are incredibly tedious processes. But with business process automation, you can easily set-and-forget these critical tasks, allowing you to reap the benefits without having to invest the time to manage the workflows.

Helpdesk Services

Your internal and external customers depend on your skilled IT consultants to walk them through technology issues. Yet creating, escalating, and managing tickets can be a chore. But with automation, your helpdesk team can easily hand off these manual tasks to intelligent software, allowing them to concentrate on solving problems instead of working phone messages and emails.

Marketing Lead Management

Acquiring and nurturing leads is a complicated art. But why not let the notifications and scheduling take care of themselves, freeing your skilled customer-facing sales team to focus on customer interactions and closing sales instead?

How Tricension Will Create Your Customized Business Process Automation Solution

With over 60 years of combined experience in technology solutions, design, and development experience, the Tricension team has what it takes to consult with you on the best way to automate your business processes in a way that works for your unique business model.

Business Process Automation Leadership Consulting

We’ll take a multi-pronged approach to customizing your BPA solutions. Starting with a robust series of consultations with your leadership team, we’ll take on a Trusted Advisor role to your information technology framework. We’ll thoroughly analyze your existing workflows and make recommendations on automated improvements, with your long-term business goals always in mind.

A Strategic Approach to the Automation Process

All businesses face obstacles. At Tricension, we specialize in understanding the challenges holding you back while working to realize ways around them. At the end of the day, our job is to work with your technology team to put applications and processes in place that will help you overcome these obstacles so that your business can grow.

A Uniquely Customized Business Process Automation Solutions

Whether through existing, off the shelf technology, or through custom-developed applications, Tricension can create a business process automation solution that works for your business. With decades of experience customizing solutions for a wide variety of businesses, our team can leverage industry-leading project management frameworks to create the automation solutions -- tailored to your unique business -- that will set you down the road to complete business efficiency.

Tricension: Complete Business Process Automation Services for Efficiency

Regardless of your industry, your business can benefit from a robust business process automation optimization from Tricension. With decades of experience creating customized software solutions, our team can help your business achieve transparency and efficiency by automating your repetitive tasks so you can deploy your resources to more critical areas of your business while reducing costs. 

Contact us today to learn how we can work together to help you grow your business.

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