Let Tricension Help Transform your Business with ClickDimensions' Marketing Automation

In today's world of digital marketing and complex sales, organizations can no longer afford to have marketing and sales exist in separate silos. ClickDimensions is the top-rated, Microsoft-certified marketing automation solution for Microsoft Dynamics CRM. ClickDimensions helps you learn more about your prospects by showing you what interests them on your site as well as making it easy to capture information about them once they are ready to share.

What can Tricension & ClickDimensions do for you?

Landing Pages

Tricension helps you bridges the gap between sales and marketing with ClickDimensions

We help you learn more about your prospects by seeing what interests them on your site and emails.  Information is automatically captured  web forms, surveys, and more – all while working in Microsoft Dynamics CRM.  Now you can know exactly who visited your site and how many times they visited with the help of Tricension and ClickDimensions.

Email Marketing

Easy-to-use email marketing native inside Microsoft CRM

ClickDimensions provides an intuitive experience that allows you to create and send bulk HTML emails with all send, open, click, and bounce data reporting at the mailing (aggregate) and individual level.

Campaign Automation

Put your campaigns on auto-pilot

With ClickDimensions, you can build multi-channel, automated campaigns using an easy drag-and-drop interface. Quickly create nurture (drip) marketing campaigns, sales engagement campaigns, new customer onboarding and retention campaigns, and much more.


Web Forms

Capture and identify new prospects with web forms

ClickDimensions makes it easy to create web forms with our drag-and-drop designer. All of the data the visitor submits on the form is linked to their CRM record, and lead or contact records can be created for visitors who are not already in your CRM.

Event Management

Integrate with event and webinar solutions

ClickDimensions’ integrations with GoToWebinar, WebEx, Eventbrite and Cvent bring event, registration and attendee information automatically into Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Easily track which contacts or leads are registering for and attending your events all in one place.


Reporting & Analytics

Evaluate the success of your sales and marketing efforts

Maximize the convenience of having ClickDimensions native inside Microsoft Dynamics CRM through integrated reporting. Link your emails, web visits, page views, and form captures directly to CRM campaign records. Utilize the ClickDimensions content pack to visualize marketing data in Power BI.


Gather insight through surveys

Easily create surveys with ClickDimensions in Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Surveys can be emailed to leads, contacts and accounts, and may even be linked to case records. When a respondent completes a survey, all the data the visitor submits is linked to their CRM record.


Web Intelligence

Discover interested prospects through web intelligence

Want to know what a specific prospective customer has viewed on your site before making the opening call? ClickDimensions will help you discover who is interested in your products and services because you will see the actual web activity of anonymous and identified visitors on your website.

Lead Scoring

Quickly and easily determine which leads to pursue

As ClickDimensions tracks individual visitor activity on your website, each visitor accumulates a score based on his or her visits, page views, and more. Scoring is based on default values you set, meaning that you may score certain pages higher or lower based on their importance in showing visitor intent.


Landing Pages

Create landing pages without knowing HTML

ClickDimensions makes it easy to create landing pages within Microsoft Dynamics CRM. ClickDimensions will automatically track all of the visits to your landing page, just like any other page on your website. You can also embed forms and surveys in the landing page to create interactive marketing campaigns.

SMS (Text) Messaging

Reach prospects with SMS

ClickDimensions’ SMS messaging allows you to send text messages in bulk and from Microsoft Dynamics CRM workflow.


Social Discovery

Discover prospect information from the social web

ClickDimensions uses the latest social discovery techniques to find publicly available information from the social web. ClickDimensions social discovery will bring back data and direct links to the lead or contact’s identities from a variety of social networks including LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Flickr.

Integrate Sales & Marketing

Companies with Sales and Marketing Alignment Attain 20% Higher Revenue Growth

When the Sales and Marketing Teams are working together good things happen!  Click Dimensions allows the teams to work cohesively in one unified system to provide greater visibility for both teams.

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