Cloud Migration And Implementation Roadmap

Across all verticals, the conversation about cloud adoption moved from “if” to “when” and, most importantly, to “how”. The cloud brings some obvious advantages like scalability, resiliency, cost savings, and speed of deployment. As a result, an ever-increasing number of companies consider cloud as an important enabler in their continuous business transformation process. In short, cloud computing is one of the most important changes the enterprise IT ecosystem has witnessed in many years.

Before enjoying the benefits of cloud technology, enterprises must ensure that they get there successfully. Moreover, they need to avoid ending up with applications that are more complex to manage and even more costly. Fortunately, most of the problems can be averted by crafting a solid cloud roadmap that will help your organization make the right decisions at the right moment.

Tricension Cloud Implementation Roadmap

The aim of Tricension cloud implementation roadmap is to establish the technology initiatives  needed to realize your enterprise cloud strategy. It is designed to serve as a baseline when reviewing the implementation results with the various stakeholders helping to establish a sound cloud adoption strategy.

Our experts combine years of experience with the major cloud platforms like Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure and are well equipped to build a custom roadmap to the cloud, tailored to your unique business needs. Tricension cloud roadmap can lead you through the migration process by reducing the risks and costs while maximizing the business benefits. Tricension Cloud Roadmap is comprised of six important stages: assessment, planning, migration execution, testing, deployment, and post-migration support.  As with any journey, it is important to understand the starting point, they waypoints, and the destination.

Assessment of Enterprise Infrastructure for Successful Cloud Roadmap

The first thing we always consider is that to be successful and bring the expected results, the devised cloud adoption roadmap should be created using a strategic and methodical approach.

During this initial phase, we will grasp the number of your applications, their importance to the business, their interdependencies, their workloads, and their running environments like operating system and 3rd party dependencies.

With this information at hand, we will work closely with you to determine the best migration plan for each application by considering the most relevant factors like scalability, availability, security. These will be correlated with your business initiatives and risks, and applicable regulations to create an all-encompassing cloud roadmap.

Planning and Designing the Roadmap for your Enterprise Cloud Adoption

For the planning phase, we coordinate the assessment results to build the cloud roadmap and the target architecture. Also, we will support you in updating your business plan and choosing the best fit among public, private and hybrid cloud environments and the most suitable migration model (IaaS, PaaS or SaaS).

We consider the impact that each application has on the enterprise and group them into separate clusters: low, medium, high. The migration plan will place a strong focus on minimizing risk and impact to the business.  At the end of the planning phase, you will have a sound business plan, a detailed cloud roadmap, and a target architecture.

Execution and Migration to the Cloud

With the planning phase finished, we move to the next step: executing the cloud migration. Our team will complete the migration or work side-by-side with your team to ensure a successful implementation.

A common migration project consists of the following steps:

  • Configure, install, and test the environment in which the applications will run. We will take care of all the components: compute, network, storage, security and so on.
  • Install and configure the applications, using the templates and automated processes that both Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure provide.
  • Install additional 3rd party utilities that are needed for the implementation.
  • Run a trial migration on several applications to uncover any issues that were unidentified during assessment and planning phases.
  • Perform the migration, accordingly to the devised cloud roadmap. Our experts will document the steps performed, code changes, and configurations to allow a seamless knowledge transfer to your team

Post-Migration Testing

Our team thoroughly tests all migrated applications to assure they are functional, optimized and secure.

Cloud Roadmap Deployment

Once we’ve worked with you through all the previous phases, your cloud applications are ready to operate in the new cloud environment. It’s Go-Live time!

Post-Migration Support

Even if your applications are running seamlessly in the cloud environment, we know how important post-migration support is. We will not only perform the post-migration review and the technical decommissioning, but we will also support you with our comprehensive training programs and support services.

Tricension: Your Cloud Roadmap and Migration Partner

Tricension is uniquely positioned to help you make use of the cloud technology in order to gain competitive advantage. Our cloud roadmap will help you plan and seamlessly execute your cloud adoption strategy while ensuring security, stability and peak performance of your applications.

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