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Security is a key aspect of any cloud endeavor, however, many companies are not yet aware of the best practices and solutions that are generally used for cloud transformation initiatives.

Organizations that have already adopted cloud or are just starting their cloud adoption journeys must remain confident that their solutions are properly secured in the cloud.

Tricension is a cloud enablement company that is capable of addressing all the security and governance challenges your company faces while you are embarking on your cloud journey. No matter at which stage of the journey you are, or which consumption model you use, or which cloud service provider that you have entrusted to run your workloads, we have the most comprehensive cloud security solutions designed to protect your data.

Tricension’s cloud consulting experts are committed to help you reduce your security risks and help you comply with any requirements.

Our cloud security services fall into following categories:

Tricension Cloud Security Migration Services

When you migrate your workloads to the cloud, a comprehensive analysis must be performed in order to identify how your data and data access policies will be affected. As a cloud security company, Tricension has the right expertise to help you consider how to classify and secure your data, from day-to-day communication to critical intellectual property assets.

Based on our security risk assessment, our cloud security services experts will recommend the best practices and the best cloud security solutions that will ensure your peace of mind.

Tricension Cloud Security Architecture Services

Our skilled experts will work with you to devise the best cloud security architecture for your specific needs. First, we will take into account the most common security challenges and take into consideration your specific and unique requirements.  By working with Tricension, your security practices will be carefully crafted to cater to these needs.

Our certified cloud security architects have a deep understanding of all the key cloud security concepts and we will be happy to combine these concepts with our frameworks to make sure your applications and data are fully protected.

Our experienced security architects will design a secure cloud environment, that will take into account all your security needs.

Tricension Cloud Security Managed Services

Migrating to the Microsoft Azure or Amazon Web Services will not make your security incidents or security logs disappear. As before, log events have to be analyzed and correlated to identify, in real time, any potential threats and take corrective actions before any damage occurs.

Our cloud security services will help you increase your productivity by separating true alarms from false ones. We will use our cloud security solutions to continuously monitor your cloud environment to help you get actionable intelligence and automated responses so that quick action is taken to resolve the issue.

Tricension experts will take all the measures to protect your business from the most common security threats: cyber attacks, and data security and work with you to establish best business practices for employee education.

We will build a sound strategy and will put in place all the necessary security controls to make sure that your cloud journey is secure.

Tricension Cloud Security Training Services

We will provide onsite and offsite cloud security training services to make sure that your team is aware of the security best practices and follows these practices while dealing with sensitive company data.  Our customized training offering covers all the aspects from access control and encryption methods to compliance protocols, risk management and audit.

Tricension cloud security consulting team has years of experience and we understand the challenges that you might face. We will address all your concerns and make sure that your cloud adoption runs smoothly.

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