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Tricension is a Kansas based organization with expertise in data management and analytics. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning require quality data input to achieve the insight benefits from your companies data.

Our clients achieve AI benefits by working with us to clearly define the desired business outcomes and expertly preparing the correct data for analytics and insight. Whether it is forecasting business activity using time series data, or discerning patterns in the data to predict behaviors, these AI activities require persistent quality in the source data.    

To address these market needs, Tricension introduces Data Management Assessment services to further your business benefits with big data to help you identify new opportunities for data-driven customer insights. 

A Recent Trend in Data Management

As confidence in the public cloud has grown, many modern businesses are realizing data management benefits offered in the cloud. Cloud Data Management strategy is particularly useful when handling high volumetrics of structured and unstructured data. A cloud based  data warehouse strategy can significantly reduce operational burdens as the management of the compute, and storage resource services are included and IT staff can focus on the business and its challenges.

Migrating the company’s data to the cloud is a process that needs to be proactively architected. Such a transition requires planning and cost analysis for both structured and unstructured data assets. Cloud data migration strategy requires a well architected plan and be properly sequenced to be successful At Tricension, we evaluate options for data migration to the cloud prioritize security, availability, leverage pipeline and DevOps automation.

Modernizing data platform needs to be coordinated with other technology modernization projects. Experts at Tricension will help your business assess the performance of the process so that your company can experience a smooth transition to a better tomorrow.

Data Management Assessment at Tricension

Recently, a Tricension client asked for an assessment of their data platform. Tricension ascertained the components that functioned and made recommendations for ongoing process improvement of their data management processes. After collaborating with the client’s IT, staff, Tricension recognized bottlenecks in the client’s high-volume data flow from various data sources and recommended and implemented best practices for staging, and presenting the data for big data analysis and improving access to the organized data to the business community. 

Our approach is to discover the client’s current state data management methods (volumetrics, data source types, user communities) and understand the organizational vision for data-driven insights. The discovery turns into action with best practice recommendations, assistance as needed, introduction of improved data flow methods, NoSQL, Data Lake methods and resources training.  

One other client required the analysis and design of both the overall systems architecture and the recommended application architecture for a data access layer. Project deliverables included the options and recommendations for hosting the data platform on AWS and the Big Data services available on each of the public cloud platforms. 

Trusted Data Management Assessment Partner

We think as your partner, not as a business solely to service your requirements. A rigorous systematic approach to focus on your long term goals based on your needs is why Tricension is your trusted advisor. Your business in the future is what inspires Tricension to strive for perfection as the leader in customer service and real solutions.

Team Up with the Leading Data Management Company

If your business needs help with a Virtual CIO, an Application Assessment, Data Management Assessment or an Enterprise Architecture Plan – We are ready to team up with you.

Tricension’s Solution Development team will identify the pain points, using the TricensionOne process to solve problems associated with Data Management and legacy applications, unlocking the insights in your data and delivering insights to drive your business to the next level. 

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