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Tricension helps accelerate your company’s Cloud DevOps transformation through unmatched industry solutions from some of the best Cloud DevOps engineers enabling better business performance.

The Principles Behind Cloud Computing

The cloud is the on-demand availability of IT resources such as compute, storage and databases that you can access via the internet. When you are using the cloud, you have access to these IT resources from various locations around the world. These cloud locations are distributed data centers, the majority of which are owned and operated by big companies like Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft (Azure).

The cloud enables you more agility in your business driving innovation and speed-to-market.

The principle behind cloud computing is the sharing of computer resources like applications, storage and servers. The sharing of this pool of resources happens based on the requirements of the end-user. It improves your flexibility to because you can easily scale up or scale down computer resources based on the variable / changing needs. Another important aspect of cloud computing is ability to replicate data at multiple data centers across the globe. This prevents loss of data in the event of any disaster, natural or manmade.

The Principles Behind DevOps

DevOps is not a software program, a methodology, a process, a tool or a job title. It is a management culture or philosophy comprising of all practices that facilitate seamless collaboration amongst the stakeholders involved in the process of development, testing and operations with a view to making rapid software development and deployment a possibility.

At its core, DevOps is a combination of the culture of operations with that of developers. The idea behind fusing these two is to streamline collaboration, communication and integration of software development and IT operations, which were traditionally two separate teams within an organization.

The DevOps approach allows developers to provision available infrastructure for the applications with which they are working, acquire the freedom to deploy their applications and extend the responsibility of managing their applications from inception to production. This approach also makes it possible to involve operations teams from the initial stages of development including the planning stage of application development where they can offer valuable input on scaling, automation, etc.

The initial purpose of developing the DevOps philosophy was to solve the often-dysfunctional behavior that exists between operations teams and development teams. In the traditional approach, it was common practice to find problems passed on from one department to the next with both the development and operations team refusing to own up to the challenges and problems that would arise.

The DevOps idea aimed to restructure this relationship and share in equal measure, the challenges and successes between these departments for better collaboration. The DevOps culture males it possible for developers and operations to put all their focus into producing high quality application systems.

DevOps & The Cloud – A Perfectly Suited Pairing

DevOps brings speed, value for money and quality while the cloud is all about provisioning applications as well as infrastructure capabilities in an extremely agile, speedy and flexible manner. For instance, DevOps makes it possible for a retailer to respond and react to the constantly changing profile customer demands while the cloud allows the retailer to support, shift as well as deploy infrastructure and application capabilities.

The last two decades or so have seen a rise in the popularity of cloud computing. Many organizations have embraced software development via the cloud. DevOps on the other hand has become the industry standard for cloud-based development and IT methodology. Indeed, an increasing number of cloud computing vendors now support DevOps on their platforms. This makes the union of the cloud and DevOps a near-perfect pairing.

By default, cloud computing is centralized. This provides a centralized and standard testing, deployment and production platform for DevOps automation. The union of DevOps and the cloud has brought about a noteworthy reduction in the cost of on-premises automation tech. While DevOps and the cloud are independent in concept and in practice, they mutually reinforce organizational strategies in the delivery of business value using information technology.

Our AWS Cloud DevOps Services

Tricension offers DevOps automation via the AWS cloud. We have perfected the art of embedding with your in-house teams to achieve your organization’s objectives. Our AWS Cloud DevOps services will speed up the process of software delivery, increase your organization’s ability to experiment and ensure your processes and systems meet audit and security requirements.

Our Azure Cloud DevOps Services

Tricension’s Azure Cloud DevOps services are designed to help your organization build, automate, test and deploy your software programs in an efficient manner and at a fast pace. We have the expertise to take your company’s DevOps to the cloud via Azure as well as automate your application lifecycle with a view to achieve instant and measurable results. Our Azure Cloud DevOps services include:

  • Pilot creation or Proof-of-Concept
  • DevOps assessments
  • On-premise to cloud migration
  • Onsite training of DevOps to your team
  • Implementation and deployment

Cloud DevOps Services In Kansas City From Tricension

At Tricension, we have a team of dedicated IT professionals who assist our clients in getting organizational agility and a streamlined development, testing and deployment of software systems. We are committed to helping our clients find the ideal path of DevOps and cloud computing to produce the highest possible value for their organizations.

Our Cloud DevOps services are designed to drive up efficiency, delivery speed and agility while keeping the operational expenses low. Our cloud computing and DevOps consultants have many years of experience and have made a mark as leading personalities in the tech industry. They bring theoretical as well as practical experience in the DevOps and cloud solutions we offer.

Throughout the entire software development process, Tricension has designed the process using the best tool sets available so that you can achieve the goals you have set for your company.

Why use Tricension Cloud and DevOps services?

Kansas City based company Tricension has all the right tools that can assist your organization to select and implement the right technologies as well as delivery platforms that will deliver results. With a proven track record of excellence in the cloud computing and DevOps services we offer, you can rest easy knowing that we will find solution to the software development, testing and deployment challenges your organization is facing. We provide a wide range of all the necessary skills your organization needs, including tactical engineering skills to strategic and architectural consulting.

You can rely on us to help you:

  • Improve revenue and reduce costs to drive up profitability
  • Increase the agility and speed of your organization
  • Enhance collaboration and worldwide workforce enablement
  • Increase the efficiency and utilization of your organization’s infrastructure

From assessment and strategic planning to transformation and migration as well as automation and virtualization, we offer strategic cloud and DevOps consulting services in Kansas City that satisfactorily support the objectives you have set.

Tricension delights in extracting great value and achieving unmatched efficiency from your investment in the cloud. Over the years, we have refined our DevOps practices and tools by working with dozens upon dozens of organizations that have decided to tap into the great promise of cloud computing.

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