Enterprise Workflow Automation & Business Process Management

Reduce inefficiencies and maximize productivity with Tricension’s BPM-based solutions and services for optimal workflow automation that will quickly solve your business challenges.

BPM & Workflow Automation Solutions

Automation of business processes enables risk management, profit growth, business expansion and operational efficiency. Adopting a structured approach to managing day-to-day tasks will streamline activity flow and allow to evaluate productivity. Intelligent business process management and workflow automation will deliver a long-term competitive advantage:

  • Increase employee interaction
  • Support dynamic processes and issue resolution
  • Improve planning and execution
  • Evaluate, maintain and monitor business functions
  • Reduce operational costs
  • Standardize methodologies

Business Process Management Consultants & Services

Tricension offers end-to-end solutions for enterprise-wide workflow automation and business process management ensuring productivity and performance. Our experienced BPM consultants and engineers will recommend  the best solutions based on your specific needs while ensuring proper integration with software training, support and maintenance. Tricension workflow automation solutions and business process management will be the foundation for agile business operations.

As part of its BPM and workflow automation services Tricension deploys best-in-class technology solutions that will suit your business needs, technical capabilities and budget.

Nintex is an easy-to-use workflow automation solution that will support organization of any size with automating business processes and workflows. Create digital forms, integrate with content, external applications and data using intuitive connectors. Coordinate tasks across user groups, departments or entire organization. Feature-rich workflow automation solution will deliver endless possibilities and benefits to your business processes and employees. Tricension experienced consultants will ensure seamless Nintex integration with your current applications and technologies boosting your ROI.
K2 FIVE is a business process management solution that allows organizations to run applications, workflows, data and forms. K2’s visual tools allow to easily and intuitively organize and manage business processes. With K2 FIVE reusable components you will be able to create and update applications without any hassle. Easy integration with Microsoft technologies and other enterprise applications, integration of data with third-party systems, great reporting tools make K2 FIVE a natural choice for organizations that need almost code-free process-centric automation solution. Tricension K2 consultants offer deployment services which will help your organization to accelerate ROI. We will execute your BPM strategy quickly and efficiently with applications, reporting and analysis integration that fit your unique business and industry needs.

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