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Tricension leading global ERP consultants and business processes reengineering experts provide complete ERP solutions services that will improve your business performance, deliver maximum ROI and competitive advantages.

Work smarter with Tricension ERP consulting services, driven by processes re-engineering and improvement. Tricension ERP solutions will help your organization work faster, smoother and more cost-efficiently. Our goal is to lead you through the ERP initiatives using the best and the latest practices, methodologies and techniques setting your company for long-term success. Our extensive experience within numerous industries and solid expertise allows us to tailor a unique approach precisely to the needs of your organization.
Our ERP advisory services will provide optimum support for the entire value chain within your organization and find solutions that will find scalable flexible solutions that will fit your industry needs.

ERP: Meaning

Enterprise resource planning is a series of integrated business applications that support and improve core business processes. The processes include everything from finances and human resources to sales, marketing and service functions. ERP is a very broad term and can imply a variety of things for various industries. However most typically ERP refers to selection and implementation of a number of business software aimed at automation and cost reduction of various back-office functions.

ERP Consulting: Does My Business Need It?

Today organizations are under tremendous pressure to achieve profitability and strategic goals while at the same time reducing operational costs and improving processes. ERP solution is aimed at integrating your business functions into one database which will increase your ROI and improve business processes in the long-run.

If your business uses multiple applications and software for various processes then your organization will benefit significantly from an evaluation and re-structuring of your current business technologies:

  • Not sure whether you need an ERP system implemented?
  • Do not know which ERP system will work best for your unique needs?
  • Want to ensure that your current ERP solution delivers maximum functionality?
  • Need professional help and guidance with ERP implementation process?

ERP system purchasing and implementation can be a lengthy and costly process. Which is why it should be approached professionally, with proper solutions, set up, training and your current and future business goals in mind. ERP solutions implementation requires a clear understanding and analysis of business processes as well as in-depth knowledge of technologies available on the market that would improve efficiency and save costs in the long-run. At the same time mistakes or poor knowledge thereof can cost your business a lot of time and money.

Tricension ERP consulting offers end-to-end ERP implementation services: initial business auditing, ERP system selection, workflow optimization, ongoing training and support after the system had been implemented. Tricension ERP consulting services are geared towards smooth transition from current softwares and applications to one scalable ERP solution that is suitable for your specific organization. Our experienced ERP solutions consultants will:

  • Complete initial business auditing
  • Understand your business requirements
  • Evaluate various solutions, infrastructure requirements and select the most suitable ones taking into account any future business needs like restructuring or expansion
  • Finalize the deployment strategy and re-engineer business processes
  • Implement ERP solutions fine-tuning products to meet your needs
  • Provide subsequent ongoing workflow optimization, training and support

Tricension ERP Consultants: Trusted Advisor

Tricension software advisory services focus on delivering the most suitable solutions for specific business needs. Our unique approach free of any affiliations provides a truly independent trusted advice to all our clients.
Years of industry knowledge and implementation experience within various industries
In-depth knowledge and expertise of industry best practices and available technologies
Global reach and cross-industry experience enables us to provide end-to-end ERP solution services from project development and management to testing and training, working remotely or sending our consultants onsite

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