IT Cost Reduction Services

Tricension helps enterprise-level organizations increase profitability by reducing IT costs through unique Cost Reduction Programs (CRPs) that will meet your specific needs and goals.

Tricension’s team of highly experienced IT experts, consultants and engineers will identify the best solutions to transform your IT processes enabling you to spend less and achieve more.

From the initial stages, we provide advice and information that will guide you through the decision process:

  • Life cycle cost analysis
  • Volume component buys
  • Cost optimization and benchmarking exercises
  • Resolution of supply chain issues
  • Renegotiations with IT system suppliers to drive down the cost

Making the internal processes efficient and less time-consuming is a constant struggle for any organization as a failure to streamline IT often takes a toll on the overall competitiveness. That is why at Tricension we use six strategies designed to reduce ongoing IT costs while increasing efficiency and ROI:

Strategy #1: Migration To The Cloud

A big part of changing the overall costs of IT maintenance and management is a migration to the cloud. We help businesses switch from using on-premise solutions to cloud-based services. Instead of using in-house IT servers, we help you setup the cloud, essentially eliminating the cost of buying and maintaining these systems.
Instead of dealing with capital costs, you will only have to deal with operating expenditures, which you can increase or decrease with ease, based on the current state of your business enterprise. Moreover, the shift to the cloud will substantially eliminate or reduce setup and labor costs, expansion costs and peak demand costs.

Strategy #2: Upgrading Business Processes Automation

The more processes within your organization that are automated, the lower your IT costs become. Tricension implements Data Center Automation (DCA) doing away with the need to manually configure and process business data. Some of the IT maintenance and management functions that we automate include:

  • System monitoring
  • Process and job scheduling
  • Patching, updating and other related maintenance tasks
  • Configuration and service provisioning
  • Workload on demand for increased capacity during the peak hours
  • Application service delivery

Strategy #3: Using Consultants & Contractors Instead Of In-house Staff

Tricension helps business organizations shift from using in-house IT staff to using IT experts on a contractual basis. This way the company only pays for individual tasks and does not need to keep paying the IT contractor after the project is complete.

Strategy #4: Implementation of Agile & DevOps Practices

By implementing Agile and DevOps practices, your organizational silos perform better with better communication and cooperation between your IT operations team and your software developers. As a result, your firm can record more rapid time-to-market, faster fixes and updates, reduced rate of failure and shorter system recovery time. You will be able focus on improving service delivery instead of being stuck trying to manage firewalls, servers, switches and telecommunication systems.

Strategy #5: Using Virtualization, Containers or Micro-services

Tricension has the expertise necessary to set up virtualization to host many virtual machines that can operate using a single physical machine, reducing the physical servers you need for your operating environment.
We use containers to isolate your applications from the environment in which they reside to make deployment faster and more secure. A container will typically have a smaller infrastructure blueprint offering an easier and more secure environment for application configuration and deployment.
Tricension uses micro-services architecture to deploy applications in a series of independent, small modular services. These services run unique and distinct processes and use very lightweight protocols to communicate. Consequently, the applications that come out of this process are easier to grasp, develop and assess.

Strategy #6: Implementing ITSM capabilities across the entire organization

IT service management (ITSM) capabilities can be extended to all parts of a business organization to help reduce costs, including:

  • Human capital/human resources
  • Customer support
  • Sales & marketing
  • Financial services
  • Purchasing/procurement
  • Supplier management
  • Operations
  • Facilities
  • Training

Tricension offers enterprise-wide ITSM for businesses interested in efficient and cost-effective services, events, updates, provisioning and incident management. We offer a holistic approach to cost reduction that incorporates services of both IT and non-IT departments using state-of-the-art ITSM technology.

Benefits Of Tricension IT Cost Reduction Services

Our IT experts have years of experience helping businesses with IT cost reduction through:

  • Analyzing their IT infrastructure and recommending changes that reduce operating costs
  • Cutting IT expenditure without sacrificing the quality of outputs
  • Developing a custom-made plan for cost reduction
  • Migration of physical and virtual servers to cloud-based servers
  • Outsourcing other IT services

At Tricension, we are committed to optimizing your enterprise IT infrastructure. Our focus is solely on identifying areas where costs can be reduced and replaced by better, more efficient business processes. We have an established network of industry contacts that make it possible for us to offer your business low-cost options in IT maintenance and management.

Tricension IT Cost Reduction Services: Long-Lasting Business Benefits

A moment of enterprise downturn often sends entrepreneurs scrambling to reduce the IT costs without affecting the business goals. Tricension uses a well-thought-out cost reduction approach that is supported by robust program management and governance. We help establish clear benchmarks, objectives and constraints.

As an impartial and independent contractor, Tricension will help you choose a solution that will optimize your IT and reduce costs. As an operational principle, we do not tie ourselves to any particular service or product enabling us to recommend truly the best and independent solutions to solve your business needs.

Talk to us today and we will show you how our involvement can help you bring down costs and increase ROI. Contact us today to discuss solutions and benefits: start the journey towards improved business processes, increased efficiency and a noteworthy reduction in your IT spend.

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