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Tricension IT effectiveness strategy: maximize the value of new and existing IT technologies and investments, support business growth, align your IT infrastructure with business needs.

IT effectiveness refers to the application of the best technology available in an organization in the most appropriate way in order to drive technology efficiency all the while maintaining low risk and minimal cost. At Tricension, we help businesses and government agencies respond appropriately to challenges around planning, resourcing, operating and delivering technology projects in a complex and constantly changing environment. Tricension identifies the ideal outcomes for the organization and creates programs that can help deliver these outcomes. We also work with companies to strategically place business resources in the work streams with the utmost impact on the business.

Tricension – the leading IT firm in fixing dysfunctional and broken IT departments

We have invested heavily in finding the best IT consultants with many years of experience. Thus, we are equipped to tackle practically any IT issue your organization might be facing. We stop the problem, stabilize your operations, restructure your IT department and provide operational IT support. Tricension understands the necessity of delivering results fast, efficiently and on budget. Therefore, we go out of our way to create solutions that can accomplish that.
We developed our IT effectiveness services to support the efforts that organizations make in addressing the evolving obligations in IT departments and on business technology in risk management, costs rationalization and value creation. Our aim is to help your organization achieve a competitive advantage by maximizing the use of its IT investments.

Benefits of Tricension IT Governance

Some of the value rich IT effectiveness solutions that we offer include:

  • Strategic Resourcing
  • Business Process
  • Enterprise Data Management (EDM)
  • Business Application Development
  • Software Development
  • Business Analysis and Management Support Services
  • IT compliance
  • Change Management and Implementation Services

The IT effectiveness solutions we provide bring efficiency, robustness and effectiveness to the IT department in an organization. Among other expertise, our experienced IT consultants bring the following to the table:

  • An in-depth understanding of information technology that makes the process of troubleshooting issues and creating bespoke solutions fast, efficient and effective.
  • An ability to create detailed execution plans using the organization’s problems, culture, and strength.
  • Unmatched leadership skills that will seamlessly guide your IT department through the entire business process.
  • Guaranteed improvement and increased efficiency in the performance of your IT team, processes, and systems.
  • An ability to streamline as well as accelerate your organization’s procurement process.
  • An unmatched capability in negotiating the right contracts and service level agreements for your organization.

Creating high-performance tech organizations the Tricension way

At Tricension, we believe in transforming an underperforming IT organization into a high-performance entity using the latest and most sophisticated methodologies, processes and practices. This is our promise to every client who decides to use our IT effectiveness service:

We will standardize and streamline your IT service delivery

Tricension is committed to delivering sustainable changes in your IT investment by standardizing all process across your entire information technology estate. We have the expertise necessary to standardize and rationalize your organization’s service management using the best practices in the industry. Tricension will help you simplify your IT so that you can achieve greater control of your IT investments.

We will drive down IT investment costs

A failure to closely keep an eye on your IT investment often results in higher operational costs and unexplained inefficiencies. Instead of expanding your capabilities by increased investments in IT, you may experience the opposite. That is why at Tricension, we help organizations lower the costs of their IT investments. To do this, we review your existing IT investments, establish the factors that are driving the cost and find ways to drove down the cost and improve performance. We review your staff in the It department and their contribution to your business process, the processes themselves as well as all the services and software your organization owns. We then create a benchmark that you can use to make improvements. At the end of the process, we will have rationalized your IT and left it lean and extremely effective.

We believe in agile delivery

Technology is ever changing. That is why agile delivery is often the difference between an inefficient redundant system and an efficient one. The process of IT deployment can take too long, such that the technology might be outdated by the time it is fully deployed in your organization. Tricension helps businesses move the deployment process fast enough so that the organization can experience the full benefits of that technology before a better one comes along.

We will help you manage risk and increase resilience

It is quite common to find organizations with serious IT security fault lines, many emerging risks and a glaring lack of resilience in the event of a disaster. These issues have a far-reaching impact on the operational health of the organization and has the potential to put you at loggerheads with the regulator. Our highly skilled IT consultants will help you regain control of your entire system by identifying, prioritizing and protecting all critical services.
Get in touch with us today and find out how your organization can benefit from your unique and in-depth understanding of IT can help you through the IT effectiveness review process. Fill our contact form, write us an email or call us today and let us evaluate your IT effectiveness.

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