Microsoft Workloads on AWS

Windows Workloads and .NET Applications on AWS

Leverage the agility, economy, and efficiency of AWS Cloud without sacrificing business-critical legacy Microsoft Workloads infrastructures and maximize your migration processes using the global reach of the AWS cloud platform service offerings with Tricension.

Microsoft Technologies on Amazon Web Services

Running Microsoft workloads on AWS is a crucial part of application modernization and transformation initiatives:

  • Replace the monolithic legacy system with more agile, cost-efficient and mobile AWS Microsoft workloads
  • Get agile lifecycle management methodologies
  • Reduce dependencies, eliminate budget strain, enhance performance and transformation with scalable pay-per-use AWS capabilities for Windows workloads

Microsoft-based Offerings in the AWS Marketplace: Migrate, Automate, Run, and Deploy

The Tricension team offers a unique combination of extensive AWS solutions knowledge and years of Microsoft workloads experience to successfully migrate, deploy and run your Microsoft-based applications on Amazon Web Services cloud to deliver security, cost-efficiency, and regulatory compliance.

Tricension’s AWS and Microsoft  combined experience along with DevOps capabilities help enterprises perform complex migrations from legacy infrastructures to an agile AWS Microsoft environment. Our Continuous Deployment and Continuous Integration practices provide cost-efficient, automated and consistent for reliable delivery process, automated deployment, security and flexibility.

We have a proven track record of deploying Microsoft-based applications on Amazon Web Services platform: from Enterprise Apps (SQL Server, SharePoint, Exchange) to .NET applications. We will help you configure the best licensing solutions using EC2 Windows dedicated instances which allow you to configure and use your existing licenses including bringing your own Microsoft enterprise licenses with you to the AWS platform.

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