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Tricension IT Procurement advisory and consulting services provide high-level expert support focused on maximizing strategic value through cost management, risk reduction and enhancement of capabilities and performance of your organizational IT assets.

Today IT systems and technology assets are an integrated part of enterprise-wide strategic and operational solutions that drive processes, projects and procedures. When investing in new technology you need to know exactly which products will work best for your organization and industry. Tricension provides full range of end-to-end IT Procurement consulting and transformation services offering the best value and functionality for each unique case.

What is IT Procurement?

IT Procurement is the series of strategic business activities and processes within organization for determining organizational requirements for IT systems, acquiring technology assets, products and services as well as assuring quality. IT procurement management process involves strategic and administrative responsibilities that are aimed at acquiring hardware,software as well as application systems, development and integration that will be in line with current technological advances, company requirements and business needs.

Benefits of Tricension IT Procurement Management

With cost reduction being the number one priority for businesses looking to acquire or update their current technologies, IT procurement specialists aim at finding a balance between savings and meeting organizational requirements. Leveraging expertise, experience and knowledge of Tricension IT Procurement consulting services will allow your organization to reap the benefits of efficient and sustainable technology solutions.

  • Business Growth. All too often organizations focus on cutting costs when acquiring technology assets, making purchase decisions based on price and immediate needs. Tricension specialists will outline the bigger picture, identifying operational costs, risks and organizational future needs. This will allow you to choose the most cost-effective solutions keeping an eye towards the future thus increasing ROI and lifespan.
  • Risk Management. When it comes to IT asset acquisition, there is always some amount of financial, compliance and operational risk involved. Tricension IT procurement experts will help you make the right choices with risk analysis, roadmapping, identifying probability of financial loses and implementing risk reduction strategies.
  • Alignment With Organizational Strategies. Technology purchasing decisions based purely on cost value often prove to be the contrary, leading to inefficiencies, implementation issues and forcing organization to adapt more equipment. Tricension IT procurement consultants will ensure that any purchases are strategically procured, support business needs and fit within organization, avoiding additional unnecessary modifications of IT environment and workarounds.

Tricension will help you develop a comprehensive IT assets purchasing strategy giving you control and better insights over your IT spending, resources and budgets. We provide support throughout the entire procurement cycle from consultation and roadmapping to installation and configuration. Our long-term IT procurement and lifecycle management strategy as well as equipment standardization will help your business increase efficiency, experience significant cost-savings and improve IT resources utilization.

Years of industry-specific experience in IT procurement and transformation allows us to recommend strategies that will work best for your unique business needs.

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