RPA Consulting & Development Services

Revolutionize the way you run business with Tricension’s Business Intelligence and Robotics Process Automation (RPA) Architecture. These solutions deliver actionable business insight and increased processing capacity, delivering cost savings, improved quality, and scalable productivity.
Tricension is using the UiPath RPA platform. We are proud to be their silver partner.

Tricension is also working with Ephesoft on delivering document process automation services to many businesses.

Tricension uses the most up-to-date technologies for business process automation using the latest AI, Document Processing and RPA techniques and technologies. Empower your business with Tricension’s RPA architects and advisors to craft your automation journey, roadmap, and strategy from Discovery and Proof of Concept to Implementation and Enablement.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Architecture

Tricension RPA consultants and experts use granular defined approach and implementation process to business automation journey. Whether you are looking to harness the full potential of your current process implementation or just starting out to discover the benefits of AI and RPA solutions for your organization, Tricension’s flexible and defined approach with a proven track record will help you attain optimal results and goals.

Tricension’s 4 Stages of RPA Development


Whether you are looking to boost your current business automation technologies or implementing the initial AI and RPA solutions, Tricension RPA architects will perform a thorough technology and readiness assessment, select the most appropriate automation and transformation roadmap with clearly defined benefits that the RPA solutions will deliver to your business. We will evaluate your current dependencies and craft the transformation strategy that will deliver a quick implementation cycle, non-intrusive adoption, and facilitate data integration.

RPA POC (Proof Of Concept)

Tricension RPA services experts will prepare your RPA Proof of Concept which will demonstrate the RPA value for your organization as well as your stakeholders and employees. Preparing proof of concept and building the business case for full implementation is a crucial driver of your automation strategy, and delivers risk reduction, speed, flexibility, scalability, eliminates adoption resistance and helps to clearly define the most important automation drivers for your business. Throughout the POC development, we will assess the complexity of your IT environment, application portfolio and help you choose the best RPA software for your automation use cases.

RPA Implementation

Throughout our well-documented and consistent implementation process, we implement, install and configure the RPA and automation solutions in line with your business needs to maximize value. We will perform QA and testing to deliver the highest security and operational efficiency.

RPA Consulting, Support & Training Services

Our RPA consultants will deliver all the necessary training and support to your staff to ensure that you leverage your RPA solutions efficiently for improved accuracy, increased productivity, and agility.

What Are the Benefits of Enterprise RPA?

While the most common benefit of automation and RPA implementation is increased productivity and accuracy, each organization will experience plenty of unique advantages that will drive the automation decision.

  • Workforce upskilling through a focus on more value-added activities
  • Reduced costs through automation of repetitive tasks
  • Increased accuracy through the reduction of manual errors
  • Increased productivity through the automation of back-office processes
  • Increased data quality through increased data entry quality
  • More accurate analyses through the elimination of labor-intensive data extraction and greater data accessibility
  • Increased employee satisfaction through the elimination of repetitive day-to-day tasks
  • Improved compliance through minimized human contact with sensitive data

Why Choose Tricension RPA Services?

Tricension offers full-scale Robotic Process Automation and Artificial Intelligence solutions. We have a long and proven track record of experience and successful implementation of business process automation. Our certified RPA experts use documented, flexible, and clearly defined approach to the RPA implementation journey. Our experience has exposed us to a wide range of operational methodologies, approaches, and technologies. Moreover, we have a wide spectrum of experience across all major industry verticals, which will deliver additional benefits, quick ROI, and reduce the cost of acquisition.

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