Virtual CIO

Get access to executive-level technical experience, without having to pay for a full-time senior IT executive.

Technical Leadership On-demand With Tricension Virtual CIO Services

In small and medium size businesses, a lack of IT Leadership makes planning and execution of the strategy especially challenging. However, you may not need a full-time CIO on staff. With a Tricension “Virtual CIO” as your trusted advisor, we can help ensure your technology is being leveraged to support the overall strategic vision of the organization.

What Is a Virtual CIO or VCIO?

CIO plays a role of strategic planner with an in-depth knowledge of your business and industry who will optimize technology processes enabling you to increase your ROI and achieve business objectives. CIO helps you align your strategic business plan with technology solutions and innovations. The main goal of any CIO is to ensure that the IT systems are performing with the maximum reliability while increasing your business performance.

While CIO is an important team member for any organization, small or medium-sized businesses do not necessarily need to hire a full-time employee for this role. Tricension virtual CIO will serve as a consultant who will focus on leveraging technology to achieve your business objectives. Our virtual CIO’s are true experts with many years of experience in numerous business and IT environments. By implementing our Virtual CIO services you will receive a high-level professional with an in-depth knowledge of IT platforms, solutions and challenges in line with your business objectives.

Benefits of Tricension Virtual CIO Services and IT Leadership

From security and disaster recovery planning to regulatory compliance and technology roadmap, virtual CIO will provide your organization much-needed support, consultation, planning and troubleshooting. CIO is a crucial figure today in any organization when it comes to business performance. Virtual CIO will allow you to reap all the benefits with remote or on-site support:

  • Align business objectives with IT technology solutions and increase your ROI
  • Organize your organization’s processes and structure
  • Make the best choices in line with your budget
  • Leverage IT infrastructure by developing forward-thinking long- and short-term business solutions
  • Develop security and disaster recovery strategy that will protect your productivity
  • Make impactful technical decisions
  • Maintain flawless productivity with daily monitoring and maintenance of IT performance
  • Assess your IT solutions and operations, learn your pain points and get real results that will help you meet your business goals

Tricension VCIO: Business Knowledge & IT Expertise

Today more and more companies opt to outsource their IT strategy and planning to professional organizations that specialize in executive IT leadership. Tricension is a Kansas-based software and tech company that has helped numerous leading organizations across the globe to gain real value from technology initiatives, keep their processes functioning at peak efficiency and increase return on investments.

Our Chief Information Officers are high-level experts who will become a real strategic asset to your organization. With client-centered approach, Tricension virtual CIO will develop and implement a strategy based specifically on your needs and requirements. This strategy will improve both IT performance and deliver desirable business results. With many years of experience and expertise, CIO will draw up a bigger picture incorporating your business objectives with desirable IT solutions and infrastructure eliminating your pain points. Aside from being technical and IT expert, virtual CIO understands operational characteristics and requirements from business standpoint. This expertise allows CIO to develop technology approaches that deliver true value to your IT investments.

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