What is NetSuite?

The #1 Cloud ERP Software Platform

NetSuite is a unified business system comprised of ERP / Financials, CRM and eCommerce. It is delivered online and used by more than 30,000 organizations. Find out if it’s right for you by watching the NetSuite Product Demo.

NetSuite is an all-encompassing solution that allows enterprises to easily manage their business processes. With NetSuite you don’t have to buy hardware or pay for upfront license fees. The model is simple and is designed to scale with your business needs.

NetSuite Consulting, Development & Implementation Services

Why Choose NetSuite?

Many businesses are struggling to create the right IT infrastructure, capable to support their rapid growth. The usual approach is to implement an accounting solution, followed by an inventory, a CRM and so on. Unfortunately, this will lead to an array of specialized systems that will work independently, with few or no communication between them.  As a result, employees will waste their time either by manually duplicating data between the systems or by building in-house tools aimed at moving data.

This approach is not only time consuming, but it can lead to serious problems. For example, when data is changed in one of the systems, it will have to be replicated to all other systems in order to ensure that all departments are working with the newest information. This looks simple, but in order to really work, the single source of truth for each class of information must be identified. Then, all the appropriate measures should be taken to make sure that the ownership of the data belongs to the right system.

Thus, as the business grows, it is harder and harder to build an effective IT infrastructure using siloed applications. Even if many application could, in theory,  “talk to each other” using various APIs, the integrations can be expensive to implement and prone to errors.

NetSuite is the industry leader in business management software and it provides a stable cloud-based platform that is capable to solve the above mentioned issues and bring several other key business benefits:

  • Holistic business overview: NetSuite delivers not only 360-degree views of your customers but also an end-to-end visibility of your business processes. If you need data for an audit, NetSuite will also deliver.
  • Cost-Effective. Because of the fact that NetSuite is delivered from the cloud, you can run it without costly on-premise infrastructure or licenses. Also, there is no need to hire support staff.
  • Accessibility. Your employees will be able to access the applications from anywhere using web interface or dedicated mobile apps.
  • Robustness. Multiple data centers are used to host NetSuite. This provides an effective protection against almost any kind of failure.
  • Easy and quick implementation. The application will be quickly deployed to the cloud and all customizations will be performed in the shortest amount of time.

Why Choose Tricension for you NetSuite Cloud Initiative?

Tricension is one of the market leaders in NetSuite business transformation, with a comprehensive track record of successful projects. Tricension’s experts will combine their strategic perspective with detailed industry insight to assure your NetSuite cloud implementation is perfectly aligned with your company’s business needs. Also, we will make sure that the solution will be able to seamlessly scale as your sales volume grows.

Our experience allows us to successfully address both business aspects and technical issues. Hence, we are uniquely positioned to provide a sound business case and a detailed roadmap for your NetSuite cloud adoption initiative.

Tricension Cloud Enablement Practice incorporates several best of breed solutions from NetSuite, Amazon AWS, and Microsoft Azure. This allows us to make use of multiple technologies to craft a cohesive experience that will match your specific business needs.

Tricension’s NetSuite Services Offering

Tricension has partnered with NetSuite to offer the benefits of cloud computing to small, medium and large enterprises. With our extensive experience and strong business and technical teams of experts, we can help your organization reap the maximum benefits out of your NetSuite investment. We are proud to be your one-stop-shop for all NetSuite related services.

NetSuite Consulting Services

As a top NetSuite partner, Tricension knows that, in order to assure a successful NetSuite initiative, it is key to start from a business led approach rather than a technical or technology one. Our team of experienced NetSuite consultants will permanently focus on your business requirements and will work to close the gap between your business needs and the features provided by your IT systems.

Thus, Tricension will provide a team of expert NetSuite consultants that will work with your internal business and IT teams to capture all your business requirements. Then, our certified NetSuite consultants will devise the best target architecture and implementation method, carefully tailored to your specific needs. Tricension NetSuite experts will support you with their expertise to identify the best solution that will drive operational excellence, enable growth while reducing the costs and gain efficiency.

Custom NetSuite Implementation

Tricension will use its unique NetSuite implementation methodology that will make sure that all your business requirements are catered for:

  • Initial Assessment. Our NetSuite experts will identify and analyze your business processes. Based on the collected data, we will develop the business requirements and will provide you a gap analysis.
  • Target Architecture Specifications and Project Roadmap. Once the processes are clearly understood and the business requirements are documented, we will combine our expertise with the best industry practices to develop a detailed target architecture and a comprehensive project roadmap. These documents will be used as a baseline for the implementation project.
  • NetSuite Cloud System Migration. Our professional services team will configure and customize the applications as per your unique needs. We will take all the measures to successfully transition your data from on-premise legacy systems to the new NetSuite cloud solution. We will support you with the right tools to execute the most important activities: data extraction, data transformation, and data loading.

NetSuite Integration

We know that, in order to get the best results out of your NetSuite cloud initiative, it is essential to seamlessly integrate it with your other critical systems. This will provide you the means to easily get a comprehensive real-time overview of your business. Our NetSuite consultants will be happy to work with you and identify the best integration approaches, to design, plan and implement them. We have experience with both real-time and batch integration approaches and that will provide you with a unified and always up-to-date set of data.

NetSuite Training and Support

Once the implementation is successfully completed, Tricension provides a wide range of on-site and off-site support and training services devised to guide you get the most out your NetSuite investment.

Tricension is one of the leading providers of NetSuite Consulting and cloud migration services. We helped dozens of companies to implement the newest technologies and align their IT systems with their business needs, which provided an essential competitive edge over their competitors.

NetSuite – One System to Run Your Whole Business

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Since adopting NetSuite’s suite of cloud applications – replacing QuickBooks, Salesforce and Excel – GoPro Camera has grown revenue 300 percent, saving over a quarter million dollars yearly on IT maintenance and and development over the cost of a comparable on-premise ERP system.

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